Here at Youth Church, we have several Experience Teams that help make Youth Church the ministry and family that it currently is and desires to be! We are so appreciative of those that serve and lead with us. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get more involved, check out our teams below!



The mission of our Film Experience is to capture important moments here at Youth Church and create content that authentically shows our heart as a ministry family! Whether it’s through photography or video, the Film Experience not only will be there for every big and little moment at YC, but will also train those interested in learning more!




One of our greatest goals at Youth Church is to make sure that every person that walks through the door feels valued and loved. Our Welcome Experience makes sure that happens by greeting every person that walks through the door, hosting first time guests, and creating an excited and expectant atmosphere in the lobby.




As Christians, our intentional, congregational worship can be an important part of our spiritual development. Our Worship Experience leads us in times of worship during services, Sunday school, events, and more! From vocalists to guitar players to drummers and more, we’re always welcoming passionate worshippers to the team!




There are many factors that allow us to have church services together, but there’s one that is absolutely necessary for us that we often overlook: the building! Our Atmosphere Experience makes sure that every environmental detail is taken care of, from setting up and tearing down chairs and curtains to creating and placing themed decorations for events and various sermon series.




Youth Church believes that we shouldn’t just bring people to church; we should bring church to people! That is where our Marketing Experience steps in. Whether it is through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or other social media platforms, Marketing Experience reaches out to the world around us online. They are responsible for creating exciting graphics, sharing informative posts, promoting services and events, and designing YC merchandise. 




Some of the most important roles are the ones that happen behind the scenes. That’s why our Media Experience is such a key factor to what we do as a ministry! Media members take on the important tasks of running sound, lights, lyrics, and slides during services. They help make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. Without our Media Experience, we would be in the dark – literally! 


Interested in learning more about or getting involved in one of our teams? Let us know! We’d love to serve with you!